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Workshop to discover the historical archives

Workshop to discover the historical archives

Details of the offer:

  • Category: Workshop
  • Duration: 90-120 Minutes
  • Available to those above the age of 14

The ICAS offers its visitors different types of historical archives on the Second World War period: the archives of the Military Cemetery, visitors' notebooks from German military cemeteries all over the world and finally collections of letters from resistance fighters collected throughout Europe in the aftermath of the war. Handling and learning to decipher these sometimes fragmentary, sometimes dense archives is a rare and fascinating experience that requires patience and concentration, but is well worth the effort! The participants investigate, observe, analyse and critique their knowledge to establish links... in short, they discover the profession of historian.
The end result of this work is that the pupils are able not only to decipher the documents and understand their significance, but also to reflect on their position in relation to the work of remembrance.
The pedagogical support, the type of sources proposed and the form of the final report are adapted according to the age and profile of the apprentice historians, in consultation with the teachers or facilitators who accompany them.