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School trip to Alsace

For 30 years, the Youth Meeting and Education Centre (JBS) Niederbronn "Albert Schweitzer" has been organizing school trips to Alsace from start to finish.

Our JBS is located in the heart of Alsace and so we make our skills available to secondary schools, grammar schools, colleges and extracurricular groups to ensure that each group has an individual program and an unforgettable visit.

School trip with the potential to make memories

Simplify the organisation of your discovery class with your pupils by contacting the International Centre Albert Schweitzer (ICAS). We are here to help you design your trip, from transport to accommodation.

In fact, we take care of everything:

Take advantage of our team's experience for a successful stay with your school. Discover now the places of memory of the Alsatian landscape.

Heritage and memory discovery classes for secondary schools

Our offer of discovery classes is mainly aimed at secondary schools. Take your students on a journey of discovery through the history of the 20th century. The educational team of the International Centre Albert Schweitzer will give you the opportunity to experience history first hand in the places it took place. You will also have access to an archive of over 300 individual stories.

From the ICAS, you will have easy access to the emblematic memorial sites of the Alsatian landscape, such as the forts of the Maginot Line or the former Struthof concentration camp.

Finally, less than an hour away, a visit to Strasbourg, the European capital, will allow you to discuss and reflect upon the themes addressed in today's world.

Franco-German stays

Would you like to organize a Franco-German exchange or a school trip to a third country? Our educational team specializes in intercultural encounters and language exchanges and will be happy to develop a programme tailored to the needs and wishes of your group.

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