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30 years: Youth and Educational Meeting Centre in Niederbronn-les-Bains

There were two reasons to celebrate: 30 years ago, the German War Graves Commission founded the "Albert Schweitzer" Youth Meeting and Education Centre in Niederbronn. The association for the promotion of cross-border youth encounters has been supporting it for 25 years. More than 100 participants attended the anniversaries.

Pupils presented how they dealt with the German war cemetery. Ansgar Salzwedel from the board of the Volksbund, Georg Kern and Anne Guillier as chairwoman and deputy chairwoman of the association, together with all the other guests, were impressed by the diverse educational work and the great effort of a team in Niederbronn. The speakers agreed: We need youth projects in the Volksbund - together for peace!


The complete report (German): https://www.volksbund.de/nachrichten/niederbronn-der-volksbund-braucht-euch-und-euer-engagement



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